VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the International Kids Festival, May 25, 2024

Thank you so much for helping us share the word about the volunteer opportunities at the International Kids Festival 2024 that will take place on Saturday, May 25!

This is an incredible, high energy event that provides thousands of families with an opportunity to spend some quality time together outdoors while enjoying some premium attractions, a professional multicultural stage program, and lots of educational resources, all of these free of charge!

Here is the link to online registration for volunteers:

The link lists all of the volunteer opportunities that remain open at the moment. This form is easy to use and can be completed on a computer or a smartphone. We limit volunteer slots to 2 hours to not overwhelm people, and provide hot lunch, water and refreshments for everyone volunteering.

EVENT NAME: 20th Annual International Kids Festival

EVENT DATE: Saturday, May 25


SETUP TIME: Friday, May 24, 5pm-8pm

EVENT LOCATION: William Land Park, Amphitheater Area 3900 Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95822


The International Kids Festival is an annual event that educates multicultural families about making healthy choices, contributing to a sustainable environment, promoting tolerance and inclusion, and celebrating their heritage. Every year children from Slavic, Asian Pacific, Latin, African American and other heritage put on creative performances that inspire pride and represent their cultures. The International Kids Festival also showcases forward-thinking leaders and organizations who educate the world's future leaders -- our kids! The festival is the perfect platform for a community-minded and sustainability-focused organization to reach kids and families with their ecologically-friendly message, product or service. At this event children and adults learn with excitement and inspire hope for a brighter tomorrow that they shape.

Info Line: (916) 483-5454