Celebrating Diversity at the International Kids Festival 2024: A Fun-Filled Day for Families of All Backgrounds

The International Kids Festival is an annual event that brings together families from diverse cultural backgrounds for a fun-filled day of activities, performances, and more. In 2024, the festival will be held on May 25th, and promises to be a memorable event for all who attend

On Saturday, May 25th, Sacramento will host one of the main events of the spring—the International Kids Festival. Over the 20 years that the festival has been held, more than one generation of little ones has grown up. Those who previously attended this festival as children have now become adult parents, many of whom volunteer at the festival. We talked with the organizer of the International Kids Festival 2024, Alisa Yurchenko, to find out what visitors can expect on May 25, 2024.
Alisa, how long has the festival been held in Sacramento and what was the starting point for its creation?
The International Kids Festival has been held in California's Capital, Sacramento, since 2013. Coming from the former USSR, where June 1st was annually celebrated as International Children's Day, the organizers wanted to create an annual celebration for children and their parents that combines education, entertainment, and cultural exchange. Today, thanks to the festival, the State of California officially celebrates Children's Day, which was proclaimed by California Assembly Member Roger Dickinson.

The organizers of the International Kids Festival 2024 were Sergey Ivanikov and Larisa Gonchar, who are still actively developing it, attracting more and more resources and entertainment for the whole family each year. This year festival is organized by our 501(c)3 non-profit Council For Cross Cultural Affairs, in support with RAM, Community Outreach Academy, California Live Productions, Victor Migalchan, and Slavic American Chamber of Commerce.
Who can attend the festival - only families with children or anyone interested?
The festival's audience includes both families with children and anyone who is interested in education, entertainment, and cultural exchange for children. The festival is an ideal platform for promoting your business and showcasing the services small businesses and government organizations provide to community.
As I know, there will be many activities at the festival. At what age are they aimed, and which ones, in your opinion, will be the most interesting?
There will be many activities at the festival aimed at children of different ages. When the festival was started, we thought our audience was children aged 6 to 12 years old. But today, the event is for both young children and teenagers, as well as adult guests. In my opinion, the most interesting will be magic masterclasses by the famous Hollywood illusionist - Will Roberts, performances by professional dancers from local performing arts academies, pony and mini-trains rides, bouncers, rock climbing zone, a variety of prizes and giveaways from organizers and sponsors of the festival. For example one of our premium sponsors - Mercedes Benz of Sacramento by Envision Motors will give away two mini Merceds vehicles for children, Esquire IMAX Theater will give away movie tickets, Smart AXE - experience at one of their facilities.
Alisa, what is the mission of the festival?
To create a holiday for children. To bring together children and families, introduce them to different cultures residing in our region, provide information about accessible education, free entertainment, and cultural opportunities, create conditions for their development and growth, and promote friendship and peace among peoples.
What is the attendance (approximately how many people) at the festival, and can you come, for example, afternoon?
Every year the Festival attend thousands of people. Guests can come at any time, and afternoon as well. The creative program on stage and attractions will take place until 4pm.
Alice, how much do tickets cost and do they need to be purchased in advance?
Since the inception of the Festival, the organizers decided that it would be completely free for everyone. Despite the high cost of the event, this rule has not changed in 20 years. All expenses are covered by the financial support of the organizers and sponsors of this unique annual celebration. This is our way of saying "thank you" to this country for providing us with opportunities and sharing these blessings with our neighbors. Although the event is free, we still recommend that all guests register on the website to help us coordinate number of Festival attendees.
What do you personally, as an organizer, expect from International Kids Festival this year?
I hope that this year International Kids Festival will once again bring together thousands of people who want to spend time with their families and friends and discover new opportunities and ideas. I hope that visitors will find useful information by connecting with more than 100 festival vendors offering valuable community resources, receive information about prospective work, education, and make unforgettable memories. Our team strives to create a friendly, open, and educational atmosphere that encourages children and adults to learn, play, and grow together while celebrating Children's Day at this International Kids Festival.

Alice Yurchenko
International Kids Festival Organizer