My life credo is that you don’t need to look for yourself, you need to create yourself!

Alexander Serebryakov

How did you get into producing?

I have been in the field of Internet marketing since 2002. In 2003, he already won prizes at All-Russian conferences. Until 2016, he developed an offline business – he was a co-owner of a construction company. At the same time, I was interested in marketing and sales – this is one of my favorite areas. I followed how the market was developing, what new directions were emerging, and paid attention to online schools.
In 2016, I decided to leave the construction business and moved into the online education field. And I was right, I plunged into this world and achieved significant results. There have been many interesting projects along my path. I worked with popular bloggers, show business stars and actors, famous international experts. Now I am one of the most sought-after producers in the online education environment.

Why did you choose online schools and what are their advantages?

Before choosing a new field of activity, I voiced to myself a number of criteria that my new business must meet.
Firstly, profitability – I was interested in income over 20 thousand dollars per month. Secondly, freedom and mobility – a completely remote team so you can work from anywhere in the world. Before this, I could not afford to travel much, since the construction business required my constant presence. Now I can work from anywhere in the world. Over the past 5 years, I have lived for several months in Europe, Asia (Bali, Sri Lanka), and the United Arab Emirates. Visited many different countries and continents without taking time off from business. Now I live in the USA. All I need is a laptop and a smartphone.
What else attracted me to online schools? This is a full-fledged business, which has a team, financial and management accounting, and all the attributes of a regular business. I was attracted by the stability and scalability – you can launch a project in a short time, bring it to the first profit, and then scale it, expanding the team and product line. The online education market is a growing market; this area is now in great demand and can grow quickly.

What motivates you?

become A class driver

The question about motivation is my favorite. As a child, I watched foreign films and dreamed of a beautiful life: warm countries, snow-white yachts, expensive cars, palm trees and oceans. And now I have come to this. I have all this around me in Miami. What motivates me is that I can make my dreams come true. I have fulfilled my childhood dreams and now I am setting new big goals.

What does success mean to you?

Success for me is when you recharge yourself by doing what you love. When others admire your work, recognize you as the best, and your competitors watch your every move. When you are in demand as an expert, your team consists of cool specialists, and you get satisfaction from what you do.

What does it take to become #1 in your field?

First, you need to make up your mind and accept the challenge. Are you ready to become No. 1? This is the very first and difficult step. Not everyone can decide to do this. At one time I saw my colleagues – Internet marketers, entrepreneurs who were actively developing, were speakers at events, and everyone was talking about them. And I thought, why can’t I be No. 1 in my field? I accepted this challenge three years ago and quickly achieved my goal.

Next, you need to analyze and understand your strengths and weaknesses and focus your work on your strengths, on what you do best. That’s exactly what I did.

The third factor is constant development, immersion in the topic, learning new things. The next important point is that you need to work for results. It was solid results that helped me gain recognition and become in demand. Next, the principle of openness. I keep a blog, constantly speak, give interviews, share my experiences, mistakes, and results. And the last thing you need to become No. 1 is to shine, be brighter than others and confidently move forward.


My life credo is that you don’t need to look for yourself, you need to create yourself!

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