A significant portion of Americans who own electric vehicles regret their purchase, according to new research

A very useful study was conducted by the agency Mobility Consumer Pulse and published in June 2024. The study was conducted to examine satisfaction with their electric cars. It turned out that 46% of electric vehicle owners in the U.S. are “very likely” to return to owning a gasoline-powered car with their next purchase.

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In a survey conducted among nearly 37,000 consumers worldwide, Australia was the only country with a higher percentage (49%) of electric vehicle owners than the U.S. who stated they were ready to return to internal combustion engine vehicles.

Other countries whose residents participated in the survey included Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Norway. In all surveyed countries, the average percentage of respondents willing to give up their electric vehicles was 29%.

The main reason cited by electric car owners for returning to gasoline-powered car ownership was the lack of available charging station infrastructure (35%); the second most significant reason was that the overall cost of owning an electric car was too high (34%). Nearly one in three (32%) said they were used to long-distance travel, the quality of which had seriously deteriorated due to owning an electric vehicle.

Encouragingly, global consumer satisfaction with the availability of charging stations has slightly improved from last year, but there is still “a long way to go” to overcome the real problem.

Among electric vehicle owners across all countries, 11% said the infrastructure in their places of residence was well equipped with charging stations, 40% said there were not enough charging stations along highways and major roads, and 38% said there were not enough charging stations near them.

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