This Sunday, Americans celebrate Father’s Day. It is observed annually on the third Sunday of June. Fathers are honored, given gifts, and gatherings are organized such as picnics and dinners in restaurants

The history of this significant date traces back to the early 20th century when efforts were made to instill customs of respect and reverence for fathers as parents and upright citizens in the country.

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The creator of Father’s Day in the USA is considered to be Sonora Smart Dodd. After the death of her mother, Sonora and her siblings were raised by their father, a veteran of the Civil War. She came up with this holiday while listening to a sermon that praised the merits and virtues of mothers. Sonora decided that fathers deserved a similar holiday. The first official celebration of Father’s Day took place in 1910 in the state of Washington.

However, individual religious communities and municipalities in the USA observed similar holidays long before Sonora Smart Dodd’s initiative. For example, Father’s Day was observed once, not on a regular basis, on July 5, 1908. According to, the church in West Virginia held a service in memory of 362 men who died in explosions at the Fairmont Coal Company mines in Monongah.

But it was in 1910 that Father’s Day became a traditional American holiday. Children express their love and gratitude to fathers through gifts, meetings, parties, or other tokens of attention. Therefore, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day has become commercialized. According to some data, Americans annually spend over a billion dollars on gifts for this occasion.

But fundamentally, it still retains the significance of recognizing the importance of the role of fathers in family and society.

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