Be a Trophy, not a Phony

“Fashion is what you buy, style is what you can do with it” – Nicky Hilton

We live in a world where if you’re not “in”, then you’re out! Women are putting more effort than ever into enhancing their image, imitating celebrities, and essentially morphing themselves into a whole new identity; often pushing that boundary surgically. With more pressure from society, social media and culture, it is a marathon in which we are left completely and utterly drained physically, financially and mentally.

Elena Shishkin cracked the code and is here to help you avoid making fashion mistakes. We all have that one photo we look back on and cringe thinking, ‘How did I ever allow myself to wear that’? This is where her expertise comes in. No surgery required.

Dress How You Want to be Addressed! Don’t be a clothes hanger. To be stylish means to wear what suits you. The easiest way to be overlooked is to chase fashion trends. We seriously do not recommend that.

Eleven fashion ‘no-no’s’ we see EVERY SINGLE DAY:

1. Brand names are everywhere! This is no longer relevant and fashionable. Being a classy woman does not mean seeing the same two letters printed 500 times on your purse. We get it, you like nice, expensive things. What shows true elegance? A small logo of the brand printed on the corner thoughtfully matched to a belt in the same material. That shows femininity and thoughtfulness to your image which equals instant attraction.

2. Buying things that don’t fit. This doesn’t have to do with your weight, but how you choose to enhance and work with what your mama gave you. Each of us is blessed in different ways. We must be mindful of how we dress if we are 5′ 2″, 6′ 2″, 102lbs, 302lbs, or have that extra blessing in all the right places. There are great options to show off those amazing features and curves; the trick is learning to do so correctly. Luckily for you and me, Elena offers professional-style advisor tips at her showroom, so we need not face a disaster like those old high school photos again.

3. Wearing rhinestones, lace, gold, and other gaudy accessories should be a subliminal touch, but not the main focus. If you see a younger girl wearing such jewelry, you assume she bought it from a kiosk in the mall and it will turn green when she washes her hands, the same for more mature women. It’s just not a good look. It never looks authentic and the saying, ‘less is more’ is true when it comes to accessorizing your outfit. If you are married, you already wear a ring. Most women have their ears pierced; that is already two pieces of jewelry without adding any more to ‘match’ your outfit. When in doubt, go without.

4. Do not buy cheap, low-quality items. It is better to have three or four higher quality pieces that can always be rotated with other items of clothing. Mass-market brands such as Zara or H&M carry unique pieces. When shopping, it requires a little work on your part to understand how these pieces fit into your wardrobe and how you can best utilize them for their maximum potential against your highest ‘assets’.

5. It is not necessary to dress in four to five different colors at one time; being confused for a peacock by someone who left their glasses at home is not the goal. The most stylish looks mimic monochrome color schemes, in retrospect, you also do not need to imitate a burglar with the all black look. The bottom line here is, develop your own personal style. This will take time. This will take trial and error. This will take a range of Elena’s expertise catered to you at her luxurious boutique.

6. Jeans with enormous holes are out and this look is no longer in fashion. Some scuffs tactfully placed are acceptable, but this is slowly fading out. Buried alongside holes is the low waist. It is better to buy a good pair of high-quality blue jeans with a high fit which will emphasize the waist and lengthen the legs,

7. Open is not an ‘all the above’ choice. You only get to select either A, B, or C. Legs OR cleavage. Backless OR legs. Cleavage OR backless. You get it, there are numerous variations. But semi-nude is not one of them unless you’re on a beach. Leave something to the imagination. No, this is not an old-fashioned way of thinking. This is a ‘respect me’ way of thinking and ‘yes we just met but I will not sleep with you tonight’ kind of body language. Unless you want to portray that kind of self-image, then, by all means, keep doing what works for you.

8. Leave large, bulky bags at home. They give the appearance you’re toting a diaper bag. Unless, of course, you have babies! If you are of short stature, such bags do not compliment your look as they drape over half your body’s length. Your smartphone possesses half, if not more of the items you carry; therefore, eliminate the need to lug around such a suitcase. Relieve the pressure off your back and intensify your look with a clutch. You will instantly look more feminine.

9. Yes, this was a thing. Yes, we love to think this is still a trend. Ladies, this died a long time ago; please accept it. Beige, lacquer heels cannot be worn under every single outfit. While by themselves, they are sexy and stylish, they must properly complement your attire. Shoes very much affect your image; therefore, incorporate colors to tie them in rather than assume that because of a bland color they can match ‘any’ outfit. Like cars, shoes go out of style. Look at modern models and save up to invest in a new pair of heels. There is no better feeling than sleeping in them the first night they are purchased before they are worn outside. Or is that just me?

10. We all have flaws; the trick is to learn to minimize them while highlighting and accentuating your gifts. Just like makeup, in fashion you can diminish the look of a feature you are not too fond of and virtually eliminate it, if only for a few hours. On the other hand, make those virtues shine! You are uniquely YOU and training yourself to spotlight what is your favorite feature will keep all eyes on you. The more practice you put into making a more confident you, the more effortless this will become. Just like a caterpillar, you will radiate with this newfound reliance that others just can’t put their finger on but will be captivated by your presence.

11. Most importantly, never be afraid to experiment! The best memories and discoveries are made by trying something new. 2020 was so unpredictable. We need to break the mold that confined us with either a new look, style, adventure, etc. There is so much a new wardrobe can shake up in your life, Elena is able to meet with you one-on-one to discuss what is important to you and achieve that goal while your fashion statement screams beauty and elegance.

Her Instagram handle is: @showroombyelenashishkin

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