Modern medicine is developing at an enormous speed, technologies are ahead of their time, and we barely manage to keep track of new practices. However, new and unique clinics with their approach, treatment methods, diagnostics, and accessibility immediately draw attention. One such clinic is Smart Health Clinic, which can boldly be called revolutionary.

Smart Health Clinic is a relatively young clinic – it has just entered its second year. Its founders, Maria Sazhina and Zukhra Galimova, hail from Russia, where they received classical academic education and introduced a completely unique practice for America: speed, quality, responsibility, and diagnostics based on an individual approach to each patient. Maria, an experienced development manager and specialist in international relations, and Zukhra, a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist, studied market needs while working on a joint project in Mexico and founded Smart Health Clinic based on patient requests. These included financial affordability, therapy based on thoughtful diagnostics, and the possibility of outpatient treatment.

“Our uniqueness lies in personalized medicine and individual, not ‘universal,’ diagnostics,” says Maria Sazhina. “For us, every patient is unique, and we diagnose based on the specific patient’s test results, not fitting diseases into a set template.” Another critically important difference for the USA is speed. Laboratory tests and hardware diagnostics are performed within 24-36 hours, allowing both the patient and the doctor to have the results quickly, enabling rapid diagnosis and immediate treatment.

“We use such unique technology as laser therapy,” says clinic co-founder and chief physician Zukhra Galimova. “We have a certificate from the Research and Development Center Matrix (Moscow), giving us the right to use advanced devices like Lazmik and Matrix for treating a range of diseases.” Radio wave surgery and vaginal rejuvenation are innovative patented treatment methods. Smart Health Clinic is the only clinic in Mexico with official certifications for laser therapy, and all personnel have been trained and licensed for these technologies.

Competent diagnostics based on up-to-date test results in the shortest possible time is the key to patient recovery. For example, in the USA, it can take months from the time tests are taken until the doctor’s appointment. During this time, the clinical picture can change dramatically, rendering the treatment ineffective. At Smart Health Clinic, it takes no more than two to three days from taking tests to diagnosing. Smart Health Clinic strictly adheres to medical ethics. They provide services only in areas where their doctors have high qualifications.

“We tried to create a clinic that truly solves your problems,” says Maria. “We work only in areas of medicine where we have experience and results. Honesty in our approaches allows us to provide excellent service.” Smart Health Clinic is located in Mexico, 10 km from the US border. Treatment prices are accordingly Mexican, low for residents of neighboring California, while the service is European and improved American. For example, the clinic offers an all-inclusive service, where a guest is met at the border or airport, taken to the clinic, provided with a full diagnostic package, and helped with accommodation, ensuring further treatment. Such services are common in the best clinics in Germany and Israel, countries known for their high level of medicine. Loyalty programs, innovative equipment, competent rapid diagnostics, and an individual approach to each patient make Smart Health Clinic a clinic of the future with the ability to access it in the present.

Top 10 Key Facts About Smart Health Clinic

  1. The only clinic in North America certified by the Research and Development Center Matrix to use laser technologies and their patented treatment methods.
  2. Chief physician and co-founder Zukhra Galimova is the only general practitioner in Baja California, Mexico, accredited in both Russia and Mexico.
  3. Smart Health Clinic is located close to the US border, just 10 minutes from San Diego, making it accessible to US citizens.
  4. The staff at Smart Health Clinic speaks three languages.
  5. Smart Health Clinic offers 96 types of medical services.
  6. It has 29 exclusive laboratory profiles for the most accurate diagnostics.
  7. Smart Health Clinic covers 18 medical specialties.
  8. It provides 13 check-up programs.
  9. Offers a free Schiller test as part of the first gynecological consultation for women, allowing the detection of cervical pathologies. In the USA and Mexico, this test is typically part of a costly colposcopy.
  10. Smart Health Clinic is the only clinic in North America successfully treating endometriosis.