A monstrous-scale matter eruption occurred on the Sun, and now a giant wave of high-speed charged particles is approaching Earth. The strongest magnetic storm since 2005 is expected this weekend. There might be auroras in unusually southern latitudes, disruptions in satellite operations, radio communications, and voltage fluctuations in the power grid

From May 11th, according to Meteoagent, the K-index has skyrocketed to 8 points (red level). Solar masses descended to Earth on Saturday, May 11th, and the maximum intensity is expected on the 13th, 24th, and 27th, as well as from June 1st to 3rd.

During a magnetic storm, people may feel unwell, nauseous, and have headaches. It is not recommended to take medication uncontrollably, smoke heavily, or consume alcohol.


This week, you may receive recognition in your professional sphere. Do not hesitate to suggest to your management to consider your promotion or a salary increase. Business leaders can confidently seek partners. Single individuals of this sign are promised changes in their personal life. But take care of your health, especially if you suspect any heart problems, hurry to see a specialist.


This period will reward you with promising acquaintances with people who will play a significant role in your path to success. At the same time, some circumstances will help you understand who your true friends are and who is just pretending and seeking benefits from associating with you. Those who have already found their love will take their relationship to a new level. This week, abstain from alcohol and smoking. A diet will help maintain your health at the necessary level.


You will have quite a workload in your professional activities. You will strive to get everything done everywhere. Many things will succeed, but try to replenish your body’s resources with proper sleep and rest, otherwise there is a high probability of worsening health or exacerbation of chronic illnesses. On the personal front, romantic relationships and passion are expected. Although conflicts may arise due to jealousy. Do not succumb to emotions.


It is possible that you will have new sources of income or increased profits. But be particularly careful with new acquaintances. Also, beware of disagreements with colleagues or management. Try to improve your diet, engage in yoga, and fitness. Nearby trips and daily walks in the fresh air will be favorable and useful. In case of any health problems, consult doctors, do not self-medicate.


This is not the week to stick to the principle of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Do not set limitations for yourself and do not be afraid to take risks, stepping out of your comfort zone. Also, be more open in personal relationships. But of course, caution has not been canceled; you just need to act wisely. At the end of the week, plan a trip or a peaceful retreat in nature, communicate with animals on the farm.


The week will bring new achievements. Many matters and undertakings will start moving forward. But keep an eye on your health, don’t overexert yourself, maintain a balance between work and rest. Try not to succumb to negative emotions, as minor disagreements with your partner may occur otherwise. A peaceful and calm attitude will help smooth out any rough edges in communication. The main thing is not to focus on conflicts.


To realize your plans, you won’t have to overcome many obstacles. You’ll be able to achieve what you desire with minimal effort. However, you need to rely on the support of friends and partners. Personal relationships this week may reach a new level. You can plan distant trips, business trips, and flights from country to country. But be cautious during the days of the strongest magnetic storms.


You’ll be able to relax a bit and slow down. Allow yourself more time for hobbies and interests. There’s a risk of making mistakes in choosing a partner in love matters. Therefore, don’t rush headlong into things; instead, calmly observe and analyze your relationships. As for married people, there’s nothing to worry about, so delight your partner with gifts and pleasant emotions.


It’s the right moment to let go of toxic relationships, grudges, fears, and doubts. You’ll gain additional self-confidence and determination. Your circle of friends and allies will expand, so don’t be afraid of new ventures, unfamiliar work, or unexpected travels. But pay attention to your health, refrain from alcohol, and don’t overexert yourself when you feel strong fatigue.


Take a philosophical approach to some issues, then you’ll overcome obstacles and emerge victorious. Don’t abandon ongoing tasks—work projects, education. Program yourself for success—victories and defeats will depend on your emotional state. This applies to love, financial, and business matters. Be attentive to your health and don’t neglect rest.


You’ll have to work harder this week, make quick and important decisions. Don’t rely too much on the support of those around you; you won’t always be able to count on them. However, if you act wisely, success awaits you, ushering in a period of something new and interesting. Remember that balance between work and rest is crucial during this period. Don’t drain your energy and avoid exacerbating chronic illnesses if you already have them.


Listen to your intuition, and you’ll find a new way of self-realization, change your environment, and gain confidence. Diligence and a drive for success will help you explore new horizons. Serious changes are possible, after which life will change for the better. Try not to take risks in financial matters and complete all old tasks logically. Physical activity will benefit you, but don’t overdo it.

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