Smart Health – an intelligent approach to diagnosis and treatment, with a focus on the patient and always providing an individualized treatment plan based on academic science and modern technologies, with attention to each patient. We talked about the features of intelligent medicine with the founders of next-generation clinic Smart Health – Zuhra Galimova and Maria Sazhina

Zukhra, Smart Health is a very unusual term. Can you tell us what makes this approach special?

This definition encapsulates our intellectual approach to treatment. We analyze the needs of each patient based on traditional diagnostics (the full spectrum of analyses, ultrasound, MRI, ECG, detailed examination, lifestyle, etc.), and then we assign an individual treatment plan not “by the protocol”, but according to the health condition of the specific patient.

We use not only the “Western school” but also the “Eastern,” where the patient is treated as a whole and not based on the disease alone, often using nonspecific methods of treatment. The basis of recovery is the restoration of the body’s disrupted ability to protect and function normally. Various physiological processes are regulated. For example, instead of antibiotics, we restore the body’s ability to normalize (activate) its own immune system.

Therefore, the individual plan is built both on evidence-based medicine and on fundamentally new treatment methods such as laser therapy, detox courses, vitamins, manual therapy, and certified medications.

Laser therapy is used in cosmetology. Do you also use this direction?

Certainly, we use what is called LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) or low-intensity laser radiation or illumination. Procedures with the use of LLLT are safe and painless, do not require a rehabilitation period, and show excellent results. This method also combines well with other cosmetology procedures and even enhances their effect. Cosmetology is just one of our directions, but with the help of lasers, we treat infertility, male dysfunction, joints, liver diseases, and many other problems. This technology is over 70 years old, it began to be developed in Europe in the middle of the last century, but the most serious approach was by Professor Sergey Moskvin, a doctor of biological sciences, a candidate of technical sciences, a leading research associate of the Federal State Institution “State Scientific Center for Laser Medicine of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia,” and the founder of the NIC “Matrix”. The eponymous laser device of this manufacturer is used in our clinic. The method is based on the use of various lengths of laser waves.

We use an individual scientific approach to each patient and intelligently combine different methods of treatment because each person is unique and there are no two identical organisms, just as there is no universal therapy. Creating a treatment plan with laser therapy is part of our intellectual approach. The entire clinic staff has undergone special training to work with the laser. By the way, many such devices are in private European clinics (in Switzerland, England, Austria, Italy) and Australia.

The development of medicine in the conditions of the modern world is impossible without the exchange of information coming from different countries. This allows specialists not only to get acquainted with new medical technologies but also to evaluate their own achievements more objectively. If some methods allow achieving better results, then it is necessary to try them, especially if the limitations of “generally accepted” treatment schemes are known. Conservatism is necessary in medicine, as everywhere, but artificial restriction within the framework of the usual does not allow it to develop.

SMART HEALTH CLINIC FOUNDERS: Medical Director and Chief Physician ZUKHRA GALIMOVA, MD, OB-GYN, REI with General Manager MARIA SAZHINA

Zuckhra what other areas does your clinic have?

We offer solutions for women’s health problems – from cervical dysplasia to infertility; men’s health, which also includes the whole spectrum of diseases – from prostatitis to liver, kidney, gastrointestinal diseases. A separate direction is allergies, chronic diseases, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, thyroid diseases, and hormonal health. We have a strong direction in aesthetic gynecology – non-surgical plastic surgery, rejuvenation, and treatment of chronic inflammatory processes and restoration of organ function. Our clinic’s anti-aging direction is in high demand – thanks to our unique comprehensive approach, which starts with detox, vitamin therapy, and academic diagnostics.

Maria, given such thorough treatment, the prices must be corresponding?

Our prices are competitive for the Mexican market, especially in Tijuana. As for American citizens, they might find them “amusing.” A full body checkup with a complex of analyses and a doctor’s consultation (not 5 minutes, but at least 2 hours) – from $350. Immune system support program – from $800. A week-long course of treatment at the clinic with a full range of procedures, medications, and individual support for more complex diagnoses – from $3,000. Of course, some may do with a week, others may need three. We have a pleasant bonus system in place. We can also assist with leisure – we’ll tell you where the best restaurants, beaches, excursions are.

Maria, how can one find the Smart Health clinic in Mexico? After all, you can’t just walk in from the street, especially for a US resident.

We organize a transfer from the San Diego airport to the clinic, and if the patient is in their own car – we meet at the border and lead them to us. The care for the patient begins with their call to us or a visit to the website. We take care of the rest – we will tell, accompany, assist with accommodation, heal, and outline a plan for the coming months – diet, taking vitamins, physical exercises, etc. We also help with the return trip/border crossing on a medical pass.

Zukhra, you look very young. Where do you get such unique knowledge and experience?

A doctor’s experience comes only from practice, as does knowledge. As for appearance, I also undergo anti-aging therapy at our clinic and adhere to the recommendations I give to my patients. I have been in medicine since I was 16, since I entered medical university in Makhachkala. My passion for medicine led me to gynecology. I worked in gynecology for more than ten years, not in VIP clinics, but in ordinary hospitals and maternity wards, where one can gain a lot of experience in a short time. The body of a pregnant woman is unique. Taking new life every day, I thoroughly studied the human body and the processes of life. I have always been interested in medicine from the perspective of science, modern progress, innovative treatment methods based on academic knowledge. For me, every patient is unique, and I always try to help based on the individuality of the organism. The patient’s health is my goal, and their happiness is my most important bonus.

Examples That Convince

The best indicator of a clinic’s success is patients who have forgotten what pain feels like. Here are a few cases from Smart Health that validate the efficacy of our treatment methods.

Case A

A 67-year-old woman diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in the decompensation stage (preparing for dialysis), ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and first-degree obesity presented with complaints of increased blood pressure, swelling, nocturia, joint pain, general weakness, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, and excess weight. The goal was to improve kidney function, stabilize blood pressure, alleviate joint pain, and normalize gastrointestinal tract functioning. The patient underwent detoxification, antioxidant, anti-anemia therapies, red and infrared light therapy, ozone therapy, and a naturopathic protocol. She tolerated all procedures well, with normalization of stool and urination by the end of the first week and resolution of swelling. Her overall well-being improved, and by the end of the second week, her blood pressure stabilized, joint pain disappeared, and sleep normalized. The patient lost 4 kg. After a follow-up examination in the dialysis department, the procedure was postponed due to significant improvement in kidney function. A repeat therapy session is recommended in 6-8 months.

Case B

A 59-year-old man complained of reduced erection, painful urination for nearly 20 years, perineum pain, monthly cystitis flare-ups, insomnia, fatigue, and headaches. Diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, chronic cystitis, and chronic fatigue syndrome, the goal was to reduce inflammation in the prostate and bladder, normalize sexual function, and improve sleep. The patient underwent therapy using the “MATRIX-Urologist” device, ozone therapy, detoxification, antioxidant, red and infrared light therapies, and a naturopathic protocol. On a personalized two-week program, his urination normalized thanks to individually selected herbal collections. After the 5th “MATRIX-Urologist” procedure, perineum pain subsided, and sexual function improved. Sleep normalized. A repeat therapy session is recommended in 6-8 months.

Case C

A 45-year-old woman complained of lower abdominal pain, back pain, heavy menstrual bleeding for 10 years, itching, and yellowish vaginal discharge. Doctors had only offered surgery – a hysterectomy. Diagnosed with adenomyosis, extragenital endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cervicitis, and moderate iron-deficiency anemia, the goal was to reduce inflammation in the pelvic and abdominal organs and increase blood iron levels. The patient underwent therapy using the “LAZMIK” device, cervical treatment with ozonated oil, ozone therapy, detoxification, antioxidant, and red and infrared light therapies, and a naturopathic protocol. On a 10-day personalized program, after the first “LAZMIK-gynecologist” procedure, the pain decreased and then disappeared. The abdominal circumference reduced by 5 cm. Post-treatment menstruation was painless and not heavy. A repeat therapy session is recommended in the clinic in 6-8 months.

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