There’s a common belief that detox involves fasting, diets, and the like. Spend a week on juices and smoothies, take some dietary supplements, and voilà, your body is cleansed. But it’s not that simple. “Detox cannot start with supplements,” asserts Dr. Zuhra Galimova, chief physicianand co-founder at Smart Health Clinic. “Without lifestyle changes, all other measures will be ineffective.” The expert shared with us what harmful substances affect our bodies and how to detoxify properly.

Detox cannot start with supplements,” asserts Dr. Zuhra Galimova

What Damages Our Body

If we analyze the life of an average person, we’ll be surprised by the onslaught of toxins our bodies face every day. For our face and body, we use chemical substances, the composition of which is often unknown to us. If it’s a mass-market product, with 99% certainty, it will contain cheap preservatives and heavy metals.

We store food in plastic containers and drink water from the same cups and bottles. How many times has this packaging been heated and cooled during transportation and storage? How much plastic do you “consume” along with that bottle?

And in purchased fruits, how many nitrates are contained, what fertilizers and in what quantities were used?

In a day, we consume more than three cups of coffee and black tea. At home, we have a plastic doormat at the entrance, furniture coated with evaporating lacquer, an air freshener in the bathroom, and we clean and wash the house with chemicals. And in the evenings during dinner, we drink 1-2 glasses of wine if the liver is still alive after such a toxic day.

This and much more destroys our detoxification system and leads to many problems. Add chronic stress to this!

To detoxify your body, start with simple rules:

Block the path to estrogen-dependent diseases and oncology

Due to such a lifestyle, the number of estrogen-dependent and oncological diseases is increasing, as shouted by medical statistics over the past 10-15 years.

To feel healthy, you need to constantly cleanse your body of medications, xenoestrogens (synthetic hormones, plastic, cosmetics, herbicides), PAH – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (cigarette smoke, exhaust gases, factory smoke), amines – ammonia derivatives, which furniture is covered with, alcohol, and more.

Unfortunately, you can’t fix the situation with short-term fasting and supplements. And if you do something wrong, you can harm yourself even more. For example, on the one hand, there is some sense in diets because if toxins, harmful additives, xenoestrogens, taste enhancers, and dyes stop coming into the body in large quantities with food products, the load on the liver, kidneys, and other organs involved in detoxification will decrease. It will be easier for them to neutralize hormonal products and toxins. But if you “declare a fast” with excessive bacterial growth in the intestines, helminth infestation, nutrient deficiency, then only intoxication will increase, and the remnants of our immunity will be undermined.

In our body, there are three phases of detoxification that occur in the liver. If there’s a deficiency, for example, in B vitamins, the first phase of liver detoxification suffers. If there’s a deficiency in selenium or amino acids (protein), the second phase suffers, and so on. This means that your fasting and cleansing without monitoring deficiencies will not lead to good results.

Therefore, the most important detox is not to hinder your organs from detoxifying and not to overload them!

There are things we cannot influence: change the ecology of our locality

Start with the Basics of Health

There are things we cannot influence: change the ecology of our locality, the composition of air, water… But that doesn’t mean we can’t reduce the toxin load on our bodies. To detoxify your body, start with simple rules:

  1. Remove air fresheners and cheap cleaning/laundry/dishwashing products. Yes, many eco-products cost a lot of money, but everyone can find information on how to use baking soda, mustard, household soap, and tea tree oil.
  2. Get rid of plastic bottles and cups. This is poison! Every time you pick up this container, imagine the heat in a truck standing in the sun and the sweaty bottle with dissolved particles of this plastic in the water you’re about to drink. A glass water bottle, a glass container with a wooden lid for food – everyone can afford this.
  3. Keep the air in the room humidified! Don’t forget to change the filters and water in humidifiers, adding a few drops of tea tree oil for disinfection.
  4. Be more conscious about toxin intake: minimize alcohol and nicotine.
  5. Most medications put a huge burden on the liver, disrupt detoxification phases. And some drugs, such as NSAIDs (ibuprofen, aspirin, analgin, citramon, paracetamol, etc.), many take for everything and “eat instead of candy,” destroying the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. Don’t allow uncontrolled intake of medication.
  6. Up to 70% of your diet should consist of whole foods, not processed foods. If it’s protein, then not in the form of sausages, hot dogs, unknown minced meat, cutlets, and nuggets. Whole protein is a piece of pork, beef, poultry, fish, etc. If you’re unsure about the quality of the purchased product, boil and drain the first water.

Don’t drink packaged garbage called “juice” from retail stores. Eat whole fruits containing dietary fiber and an adequate insulin index or make your own fruit/vegetable puree containing fiber.

  • 7. The simpler the diet, the more correct and safe it is! If you’re unsure about the quality of imported fruits and vegetables, try to choose seasonal products. Buy a nitrate tester (there are plenty of options on the marketplace).

Remember, by removing some toxins from your diet and lifestyle, you reduce the toxic burden on your body as a whole.