Pets are part of our every day lives. They provide companionship, emotional support, reduce stress, and love you no matter what. After a long and stressful day of work, you know you can come home and someone will be there waiting for you.

LiLou The Pig & Tatyana Danilova

4 years ago, Tatyana decided she needed a pet. After 2 months of research, she settled on the perfection option, hypo-allergenic, trainable, and cuddly. Tatyana got a pig named LiLou!

LiLou is the World’s 1st Airport Therapy Pig, what sort of therapy does she offer?

Certified through SF SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program, LiLou walks through SFO as part of the Wag Brigade, and interacts with people who are stressed from flying or going through a rough time in their life.

How do people react to seeing a pig at the airport?

She has lots of social media fans who are flying through SFO hoping to see her. Kids and adults alike get very excited to see and take “pigtures” with LiLou.

Does it get expensive to maintain a piggy?

It is not cheap, but I think the most expensive part about maintaining a pig is time. They are needy and their intelligence needs to be stimulated. You have to spend time with your pig to train, bond, cuddle and walk.

Favorite indulgence of LiLous?

Besides lounging in the sun, LiLou loves to munch on blueberries, pineapple and bananas!

What inspires LiLous fashionable style?

LiLou is a classy and sassy city girl. She is always in the spotlight and has “pigparazzi” on every walk.



Gracie Puggle & Josh M Tindel

Josh is a Sacramento native. He is married to wife Jessica for almost 15 years with 3 beautiful, happy children. He is an adventurous soul who loves to travel, fish and exercise. He lives a life full of abundance, gratitude, positive mindset and prayer.

How did your pet change you?

Gracie prepared my wife and I for kids! We got her first before we had children and it was great preparation!

Finish the sentence “For me, my dog is…”

The first person to greet me at the door when I get home and is always happy to see me!

What is your dog’s favorite habit?

She LOVES to go on walks and bike rides — and eating anything that falls on the floor.

What made you choose this specific breed of dog?

Coincidence! 12 years ago my wife and I wanted a dog and as we were leaving my parents’ house, my Mom mentioned a newer breed of dog called a Puggle. The rest is history. When my wife saw a picture of Gracie, she was sold!

What is the most memorable moment with your pet?

Greeting us at home when we brought each of our 3 children home from the hospital. She was so curious, yet so kind. Also, once she got off the leash at the park and took off chasing squirrels. I needed to gather about 10 people in the park to help me get her, she is fast!

Oscar Maltese & Cookie Maltipoo & Lika Osipova

At the age of 23, Lika successfully organized, produced and hosted “Miss Russian Los Angeles”. Because of its great success, she received the Role Model of the Year award for “Outstanding Achievement”.

Though creativity cannot be taught, it can certainly be nurtured. Find a routine that works for you. Routines can be positive if they reinforce a healthy, creative mindset; they can be counterproductive if they actually keep you from being creative. While breaking your routine once in a while to force new ways of thinking is good, what if growing/learning/experiencing new things was built into your routine as a given? The people who speak negatively about routine have probably not developed a routine that puts them on a path of internal growth. The key is to discover creative rituals that put you in a more creative mindset

How has your life changed with dogs?

For me, my dogs are not just animals. They’re my family, my kids. Taking care of them calms me down and makes me happy after a busy day.

First, you had Oscar. What made you decide to get a second dog?

Oscar I bought spontaneously, I saw him at my friend’s the house, and could not leave without him. I decided to take Cookie out of the dog shelter.

Which of the dogs is more like you: Oscar or Cookie?

Oscar is my exact replica. He is calm and understands everything.

What is your perfect day off?

It’s a walk along the ocean with my dogs. I can walk 20 miles a day!

How do you become successful in LA?

The most important rule for success no matter where are you starting your career, is do not fear! Just do it!

Gigi Dogue de Bordeaux & William Glasser

Bill has dedicated his life’s work to language access for California’s millions of Limited English people. His two companies, Language World Services and Fluency, serve to professionalize and improve the work of interpreters everywhere.

How did your pet change you?

Genovese Pawpini Glasser (aka “Geno”) changed me in so many ways. I don’t have to go to the gym anymore because walking him is like taking a bull shark for a swim!

What made you choose this specific breed of dog?

I really like all those wrinkles! They also like to dress up like old men, and they only snore when you are trying to fall asleep!

What is your pet’s favorite treat?

Geno loves Trader Joe’s cooked chicken strips, and buffalo meat sautéed in olive oil.

Finish the sentence “For me, my dog is…”

The reason I have to buy a new house!

How many pairs of shoes or pieces of furniture have you throw out?

Zero shoes, he prefers bully sticks and ham bones. The furniture was old anyway, he just moved the throw-out date up a few years.

What is your dog’s favorite habit?

He loves to play tug of war! After a few rounds with him, I had to get my right shoulder replaced with titanium.

What is the most memorable moment with your pet?

We went for a swim in the River and of course I had on two life jackets because I’m a terrible swimmer. As the current took us, I could see Geno started to panic and go underwater. I remembered stories about owners trying to save their pets, only to drown while their dog was able to swim to safety. Even though we were both exhausted, we both managed to make it to the shore. Next time I will wear 3 life vests, one for Geno!

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