California LIVE proudly presents our guest , former TV presenter MS Bethany Crouch and her incredible and challenging life changing story

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Heal Documentary, written and directed by Kelly Noonan-Gores.

Radical Hope, written and voiced on Audible by cancer researcher, Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D.

When Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. interviewed the Radical Remission cancer thrivers for her book, they each had the following 9 things in common, she later added #10 because she has found #10 is a critical piece for Radical Remission cancer thrivers in maintaining a cancer free life.

1. Radically changing diet.

2. Taking control of health.

3. Following intuition.

4. Using herbs and supplements.

5. Releasing suppressed emotions.

6. Increasing positive emotions.

7. Embracing social support.

8. Deepening spiritual connection.

9. Having strong reasons for living.

10. Daily movement, exercise.

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s healing here:

https://www.radiantlighthealingcenter… (https://www.radiantlighthealingcenter…)

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