Important Message From Larissa Gonchar

Learn more about the connection between physical education and sport in children’s lives.

Modern children spend a lot of time on social media, watching TV and playing video games. Because of this, they lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not spend enough time outdoors.

Moreover, many children become addicted to the virtual world and lose interest to real life, education, outdoor games, etc. In this regard, I urge parents to actively engage not only in the spiritual, psychological and intellectual development of their children, but also in the physical. Exercise, outdoor play, and sports are as important to children as academic and mental work.

Children who are active and participate in sports usually cope with stress more efficiently, and their body develops harmoniously than those who do not. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport your child chooses to participate in: tennis, swimming, basketball or soccer, the main thing is that the child stays active.

I also want to emphasize that physical activity and sports play an important role in the prevention of drug use and crime among children and adolescents. Intense physical activity promotes the removal of harmful substances from the body, increases immunity, activates mental abilities, strengthens the child’s psyche, increasing the production of pleasure hormones (endorphins); at the same time, the release of adrenaline and cortisol also known as the “stress” hormone are reduced.

A healthy body is the foundation of a child’s psychological comfort, a source of natural inner joy and good moods. The physical education of a child and playing sports should be developed as an element of spiritual culture.

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