In California, there are thousands of law firms offering various services. However, not all of them have such a stellar reputation as the Equal Justice Law Group, which is built on thousands of successful cases. We spoke with Certified Legal Defender Galina Dorris

In every business, stability and the Name are crucial. How old is Equal Justice Law Group?

Almost 30 years ago, David Foyil founded Equal Justice Law Group. Like all of us, after law school, he opened a small office and handled mostly bankruptcy and family law cases. Later, real estate, immigration law, asylum, child custody, citizenship, divorce, employment, family law, victims of violence, and so on became part of the practice. Today, David alone has over 7,000 successful cases in his portfolio, and our company has grown to over 25 people across four offices. Main office is in Jackson, then in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills and Isleton.

Our team now operates nationwide; we have cases in in certain areas, and we are constantly expanding.

Each state has its own legislation. Do you know all the nuances of the local courts?

Yes, we are passionate about our work, and winning cases is a matter of principle for us. Personal connections also play a role – in courts, immigration offices, government structures. Over the more than 30 years of Equal Justice Law, our integrity is well-known, and people work with us. David’s reputation helps us win most cases successfully and quickly. We handle both simple cases and complex immigration, divorce, or labor law cases with equal diligence.

If a client is not in the States but plans to move, can they still reach out to your company?

Yes, we have clients all over the world – we currently have cases South America, Africa, Asia (Pakistan, Syria), and many former Soviet countries. We even have several cases from Britain right now. For example, if someone decides to seek asylum in the US or move here, they can contact us, and we will start working on their case here, in the US, while they finish their affairs in their country. We are well-versed in international law. The main thing is, we have a lot of experience winning cases. If someone requests political asylum, protection, etc., in America, I advise them to prepare all possible documents before contacting us.

How much time on average does it take to handle one case? The time frame depends on the case.

If it’s just about helping to draft a contract – an hour, maximum two. If it’s a complex immigration case, it can take up to a year and more- it all depends on how quickly the court processes the case. Each case is very individual, but we try to complete the task and close the case as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help the people.

What are your approximately service rates I understand, that it depends, but..?

This is always a very reasonable price for our services, based on individual cases.

But everything is very individual. The case can be solved in an hour, or it can take 20 hours. Therefore, we always consider everything very individually. Our advantage is a flexible system of discounts and loyalty. And we are more than competitive today in the market not only in California.

If a client doesn’t speak English, do they need to hire a translator to contact you?

We speak several languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and, of course, English. When visiting us or making the first call, the client just needs to choose the language they prefer to communicate in. Of course, all court cases are conducted in English, but that’s our concern. Our goal is a successful case and a happy client. We work very promptly, almost 24/7, and respond to calls or call back as soon as possible.

Could you share a few tips with our readers based on your vast legal experience?

The main thing is to be careful, to weed out scammers. It’s important to check lawyers’ licenses and reputations, so don’t hesitate to ask them for documents, licenses, recommendations. Look at law office websites: if they are serious companies, they have websites, reviews, recommendations. It’s not worth trying to solve legal issues on your own – based on advice from friends, YouTube, or TikTok. In my practice, there have been cases where a client put one checkmark incorrectly in the documents and got rejected.

Attention to detail is especially important for complex cases. For example, there are often legal deadlines that social media bloggers just don’t know about. I had a client who literally in the last few days turned to us, and it turned out that she simply did not consider the 28-day deadline for submitting documents. Another piece of advice: don’t be afraid to go to court and to lawyers. Our task is to help our clients, our goal is happy clients and successful, timely closed cases.

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