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We created a special edition about the most powerful and inspirational women in California. Today our exclusive guest is make-up artist – Evgenya Vitcova

Your work requires constant inspiration and creativity. Where do you get it and how do you stay up to date with all the latest trends?

My role as a makeup artist is absolutely vital to the success of the event I’ve been invited to. I’m the one responsible for accentuating a woman’s unique look and inspiring a person’s confidence. It’s essential for me to stay current with the latest trends and continue to grow my professional skills. Every year, I take Master Classes from diverse teams of renowned makeup artists from all around the world. Besides Master Classes, other sources of my inspiration are fashion magazines, and my own wild fantasies.

My creative juices start going when I’m able to escape from the daily routine, when I work with models on challenging projects or test different products and color combinations.

What qualities/traits helped you become the top specialist in California?

I’m a very hardworking person and I absolutely love my job! I love being able to make women feel gorgeous! I love seeing the result of my work! My preference is to natural looks while I work on someone’s makeup. I want women to feel relaxed, taken care of, and have their makeup last for an entire event.

How do you find balance between family, children, and work?

To be honest, my life at times is simply overwhelming and hectic. I try to focus on one thing at a time. Some days I even make a list of things I should do from the time I wake up. Every morning I hope that today is the day when my children will stick to the schedule. Do they ever?!

Being a mom to three little ones, and a wife, and managing my business is not that easy. There is always little-to-no time to do everything in my life. I am truly never bored! The support of my loved ones is very much appreciated.

What do you have to sacrifice for a successful career?

Not getting enough sleep! Getting up before dawn on weekends is the worst part of my job. Every weekend, I get up very early and go to meet another bride and make sure she looks and feels her absolute best!

What is your motto in life?

Work hard, think positive, and never give up!

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