Adela Guerra, a name synonymous with noble power, talent and versatility, has carved her path through the intricacies of the entertainment industry, transitioning from the vibrant landscapes of Venezuela to the bustling streets of Miami and eventually to the iconic realm of Hollywood. With each step, she has embraced challenges, embraced change, and emerged stronger, all while maintaining her unwavering commitment to her craft

Adela is known for multiple projects. Her performance in American Lions got great feedback from the critics.

In an exclusive interview Adela shared with us about her experience in Hollywood and also many important business perspectives.

NTM: Adela, thank you for this interview first of all. You’ve been in Entertainment for quite some time. How did you feel first when transitioning from the Entertainment industry in Venezuela, where you were very successful and known already to Miami and then to Hollywood?

A: Just like any new beginning I had no idea on what to expect but I was confident about my skills and with a positive attitude I was open to learn new things and push myself out of my comfort zones. I’m glad the risk taken has paid off.

NTM: How did Hollywood change in your eyes during the last 5 years?

A: It seems it has changed a lot, especially because of social media. More people are encouraged to share their stories to the public even if they don’t have a big budget to do so.

NTM: How would you comment on the incident between Chris Rock & Will Smith at the oscars?

A: We all make mistakes

NTM: How would you comment on the scandal related to the foreign press & Golden Globes?

A:When we wait long enough the truth always comes out

NTM: You are known for American Lions, the Magic Sopa and of course many other projects. Could you please share with us about your debut film? What was the idea and inspiration behind it and behind playing your characters?

A: I wanted to create new characters and have creative freedom in projects that will excite me. It’s important for me to always enjoy and have fun with the roles I’m creating so that was my main focus when I started my career.

NTM: You definitely succeeded with the characters you brought to the screen Adela. Do you have plans to direct?

A: I don’t have any plans yet but I’m open to do so in the future.

NTM: Out of all awards and accomplishments which are the most important to you and why?

A: The awards that are the most important for me are the ones that recognize those that work really hard to bring more peace to the world and end suffering through healing.

NTM: What stands behind your strong acting and entrepreneurial skills?

A: I’d say its resilience, passion, dedication and lots of commitment and hard work.

NTM: Which projects of yours you feel are your favourite and why?

A: That is a great question. Those that empower the younger generations. They truly are the future and we can make a huge difference when it comes to giving them a good education.

NTM: Adela, could you please share with us which new projects are you working on?

A: I’ve been focusing more on giving back and sharing what I’ve learned from experience with other artists and creators through consultations and masterclasses.

NTM: Adela, in your opinion, as an actress & influencer (entrepreneur), what separates influencers & entrepreneurs from solo actors in Hollywood?

A: Each case can be very different. Entrepreneurs and influencers can be connecting to their audience through daily engagement with their community and I think that’s a very unique and genuine connection. Solo actors in Hollywood are dedicated to their craft and can also connect with their public in a very special way. I think they are both beautiful and valid connections.

While conducting our interview it became obvious that behind Adela’s remarkable journey lies a potent blend of resilience, passion, and dedication. Whether it’s her strong acting prowess or entrepreneurial endeavours, she attributes her success to unwavering commitment and hard work.

As Adela continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of Hollywood, she remains committed to projects that empower and inspire. Her dedication to fostering genuine connections, whether as an influencer or solo actor, underscores the beauty and diversity of storytelling in all its forms.

Adela Guerra’s journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us that with perseverance and creativity, any dream is within reach. As she continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, her legacy will undoubtedly inspire generations to come.

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