Occupation: Combat Medic, U. S. Army
Featured Guest: Jenny Rafailov
Age: 19

Why did you choose to join the Army?

Originally I wanted to go into the Marines but I was interested in the medical field and Marines didn’t offer that. The army seemed like the second best option.

Was there anything you missed during your training?

Definitely. I missed wearing something other than green or black.

How many push-ups can you do?

I think my record was 65, but I might be able to do more.

What was the greatest fear that you were able to conquer?

The fear of failure.

You went to Fort Sill in Oklahoma for basic training and Fort Sam Houston for Medical Training. Was it hard to keep up and compete with men during your training.

Sometimes it was. The army makes it very strict to not be biased based on gender. However, oftentimes men still treat women as a weaker link, by assuming that women can carry or handle less, for example. I just took that as an opportunity to prove them wrong.

Any particular food cravings while in the Army?

Honestly, after a while everything they serve starts tasting the same. I missed everything that wasn’t on our usual menu, especially home cooked meals.

Your motto.

Die with memories not dreams. I don’t want to get to the end of my life thinking, “I wished I have done this or that.” I want to be able to look back and feel happy about everything that I did and the people I did it with.

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