In California, red pineapples are now being sold for $395.99 each. It took 15 years to develop the exotic fruit called Rubyglow. The fruit is grown in Costa Rica

Earlier this year, the novelty entered the Chinese market, where there was a pre-booking system and a queue. And now, Del Monte has decided to sell it in the USA. Melissa’s Produce, a California-based store, took on the task of selling 50 pineapples. The price, of course, is astronomical for a fruit, so about half of the batch was sold in a month, mostly to restaurants in Las Vegas and California, where they are used for display.

It was describe on Melissa’s Produce website, Rubyglow – a “combination of a classic pineapple and a rare Morada variety” – has an impressive appearance like a “precious stone,” and its rich yellow flesh has a luxurious flavor with minimal acidity. It is also presented in packaging that is a “work of art.”

To create more excitement, the store turned to influencers, including chef Bo Corle. He said the pineapple was simply delightful and explained, “When you eat too much pineapple, you get a bitter aftertaste, but with Rubyglow, that doesn’t happen.” But, according to him, the pineapple is not worth $400, as reported by CNN.

This is not Del Monte’s first experiment; in 2020, they released the Pinkglow pineapple with pink flesh, which was offered as a Mother’s Day gift option. Initially, it was sold for $50, but now it can be purchased online for $8 to $29 each. However, many consider such a price to be inflated, as the average price in California ranges from $3.50 to $5 per piece. On sale, you can find the fruit even cheaper. And ready-to-eat (peeled and sliced) fruit costs around $5 for 20 ounces. So, this exotic fruit is truly for gourmets.

Five beneficial properties of pineapple

● Regardless of its appearance and cost, this fruit has many beneficial properties for the human body. Here are some of them:

● Pineapple contains antioxidants that prevent oxidation and inhibit inflammatory processes;

● It takes care of intestinal health, as it contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps break down structural proteins and support absorption in the small intestine;

● It helps boost immunity due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, and vitamin C provides support in combating skin damage caused by sun exposure and environmental pollution;

● It is a valuable fruit for maintaining bone health (pineapple is a valuable source of copper, which prevents bone resorption or the absorption of broken bone cells into the blood);

● It is beneficial for recovery after physical exercise and surgery.

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