Soon, humanoid robots will become a mass product. What should people prepare for? Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, expressed the assumption at a recent Stanford forum that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) might be closer than we think and could potentially emerge in just five years

During one interview, he stated that in the coming years, the cost of producing humanoid robots will decrease so much that they could be purchased at the price of cheap cars. They will become a mass product, costing between 10-20 thousand dollars. This will revolutionize many areas of human activity, as according to Huang, humanoid robots can easily be integrated into our daily lives. Most likely, they will perform dangerous, complex, harmful to health, repetitive, and tedious production tasks.

NVIDIA unveiled Project GR00T, the basic model of humanoid robots, as well as a powerful computer system specifically designed for these robots called Jetson Thor. The technologies provide increased performance, energy efficiency, and compact size, which contribute to the further development of humanoid robotics.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla, shares a similar view on pricing in the production of humanoid robots. He plans to sell Optimus robots for 25-30 thousand dollars and gradually reduce the price.

Of course, the robotization, development, and implementation of artificial intelligence cannot be stopped. However, many scientists and technological leaders have expressed and continue to express concern about the creation of humanoid robots. These include specialists in artificial intelligence research, philosophers, and ethical experts. For example, Stuart Russell, a computer science professor at Berkeley University and author of the book “Human Compatible,” Max Tegmark, a physicist and founder of the Future of Life Institute, and many others.

Experts point out potential ethical and social problems, such as threats to employment, privacy, and security issues, as well as potential legal and ethical issues associated with the possible use of humanoid robots for military or police purposes. Additionally, there are concerns regarding the development of humanoid robots that may become too like humans and arouse suspicion in society or even create danger for it.

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