Highlands Community Charter School opens new location

For many people in America, the issue of education is important and difficult. Someone does not have a High School diploma, someone does not have a specialty, someone does not know the language. It would seem that it is impossible to find a solution to all these issues in one place, but this is not so. Highlands Community Charter and Technical School has all three programs and also provides many bonuses for its students. “I thought I couldn’t do it at first, but Highlands gave me that push that I needed,” said Jamal Nelson, a student from Highlands.

The school has 51 locations in Northern California. And 18 Career Technical Education programs plus additional courses are offered here. Along with the career certificate, each student gets a High School diploma.

Said Camille Adams, principal of the newest school site.

“Our focus is taking our students from survivability to sustainability, and also from tax-takers to taxpayers”

Programs that are offered here are Truck Driving, Business Essentials, Office Administration, Medical Assistant, Early Childhood Education, Esthetics, Cosmetology, Manicuring, Digital Navigator, Welding and others. According to Oksana Reznik, who is a teacher on Special Assignment at Highlands, the most popular professions are Truck Driving and professions from the Beauty industry. “We are partnering with Cosmo Beauty Academy and offer these programs as Esthetics and Cosmetology which usually cost around $20,00,” Reznik said.

Education at Highlands is at absolutely no cost. And both career programs and all services are also at no cost for Highlands students.

In order to be qualified for the school, a person should be 22 years of age or older and should not possess a High school diploma yet.

The newest location, which is called “Immaculate Conception”, is opening its doors on October 14, 2022. “We are going to be offering high school classes as well as international high school classes and English language courses,” Adams said. Address of the school is 2520 33rd Street, Sacramento, CA 95817. New programs such as Group Fitness courses as well as Early Childhood Education will be offered at this location.

“Perfect school for those who feel like they want to continue and continue to join and finish school,” Nelson said during his day at this new school site. He learns Truck Driving and says that his experience is great at the school. He got a chance to catch up on his schoolwork. And he believes that Von Allen, Director of Equity Initiatives, gives him the drive he needs.

The programs are going along with HIS programs. The duration of the programs varies from three month to a year. It depends on the type of program, on the class schedule and on the diligence of the students.

The programs are going along with HIS programs. The duration of the programs varies from three month to a year. It depends on the type of program, on the class schedule and on the diligence of the students.

Josephine Vasquez is a student at Highlands. She is here to get her GED and to find the best career option. The best part of the program, she thinks, is that the school helps its students find a job once they finish the program. “I want to thank all of them – teachers and principal – for good support,” Vasquez said.

For most courses, the type of completion is a certificate. Which comes along with a High School diploma. Some of the courses also require a state license. That is when, after completing the program and getting a certificate from Highlands, the student needs to take the State exam.

But that is not all about Highlands. Highlands has its own Wellness center and Beauty Salon. These facilities are offered to Highlands staff, students and their family members. The main idea is that people can come and relax there after work and school or during their working hours. “We do want to take care of our staff,” Reznik said. A nutritionist and a personal trainer are always available on site.

Since Highlands is partnering with Cosmo Beauty Academy, Highlands Beauty Salon offers many services. It is a place where staff can come and take advantage of being a part of Highlands Community, and where Highlands graduated students can practice. “We are not just offering educational services,” Reznik said.

How to apply?

The application process for Highlands Charter School is pretty simple. People can call 916-844-2283 or visit Highlands webpage – hccts.org. There are interpreters on site, who can always help if someone is struggling with English. The document that is required in order to be eligible for participation in the programs is a proof of identification. This can be an ID or a copy of a foreign passport.

In addition to all services listed above, every student that participates in in-person form of education receives a Samsung S21 at no cost. The school pays for unlimited data and unlimited phone calls. Also Highlands provides Chromebooks with prepaid Wi-Fi. For those who need assistance with transportation and childcare services, the school offers bus tickets and Child Care for children 2,5-5 years old. And all of this is at no cost.

It might be hard to find another school like this that offers so much for its students and staff. So, if you are looking for career services or are struggling to get your High School diploma, this is the place where people can help you with achieving such goals.

And to each student, Nelson can give only one piece of advice,
“Do not give up!”

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